The safest major airline comes from hong kong

How safe are the world’s largest airlines? Accident researchers from Hamburg investigate this question every year and use it to create a ranking list. Once again, German airlines are doing very well – but not very well.

The five safest major airlines in the world come from the Asian-Arab region, according to investigations by Hamburg-based air accident experts. As in the previous year, Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific topped the safety list of the 60 largest airlines in 2015.

This is followed by Emirates from Dubai, Eva Air from Taiwan, Qatar Airways from Qatar and the Chinese Hainan Airlines. This emerges from a previously published article by the Hamburg Aircraft Accident Bureau "Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center" (JACDEC) for the aviation magazine "Aero International".

Worst airline comes from Vietnam

Only in sixth place follows a European airline with KLM. Also represented in the top ten are Air New Zealand (7), Etihad Airways (8) from the United Arab Emirates, Japan Airlines (9) and the Portuguese TAP (10). The German companies Lufthansa and Air Berlin still make it into the top th and 20th place.

Lufthansa was wafer-thinly ahead of Australian Qantas in terms of the index value. The Australians were recently declared the safest airline by a domestic rating agency founded in mid-2013 according to slightly different criteria. Vietnam Airlines (60) brings up the rear in the JACDEC ranking.

Statistics only as a guide

The cockpit pilots’ association warns not to take the rankings too seriously. "They only offer a guide," said cockpit spokesman Markus Wahl of the dpa news agency. He also advises customers to look at the airfare, for example, in addition to the rankings. "If the flight itself is cheaper than the trip to the airport, I would ask myself whether that covers the costs and where this airline saves the costs."

However, the experts agree on one point: statistically speaking, flying is the safest way to travel. According to a study by Allianz Insurance Group, the risk of a fatal plane crash in 1959 for a passenger departing in the United States or Canada was 1: 25,000. Today the risk of a passenger losing their life in a crash in the US or the EU is 1:29 million.

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