Law against "waste": france abolishes the obligation to receive a receipt

In Germany, many are annoyed about the new mandatory receipt for small amounts. France is going the opposite way: Parliament has voted for an end to the obligation to receive receipts and other measures to avoid waste.

From 2022, no more receipts for small amounts will be printed in France. The members of the National Assembly have voted for a law aimed at reducing paper waste. The law provides for the gradual abolition of the requirement to receive a receipt for small amounts. From September 2020, the regulation will initially apply to amounts up to 10 euros, and from January 2021 onwards for amounts up to 20 euros. From 2022, receipts for amounts up to 30 euros will then be omitted – unless the customer insists on a printed receipt.

Receipt requirement just introduced in Germany

In Germany there had recently been a lot of discussion about the introduction of the receipt requirement for small amounts. Since the beginning of the year, retailers with an electronic cash register system have had to give their customers a receipt for every purchase without being asked. Not only retailers are annoyed by this. The obligation to receive a receipt is total nonsense, said the FDP parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Christian Durr.

The piracy business

When Somali pirates have hijacked merchant ships, they gamble for ransom in the millions. But not only they hope for big money. Middlemen from different countries earn a lot from piracy.

If you want to make money in Somalia these days, there is really only one career path for you: that of the pirate. In pirate nests such as Eyl in Puntland in northern Somalia – which has been a hideout for pirates for years – villas are being built, and in front of them are expensive off-road vehicles. A lively service industry has developed around the core business. As soon as the actual pirates have captured a new ship, a well-oiled machinery starts up. Self-appointed intermediaries are just as much a part of the pirate economy as cooks, messengers and guards. The helpers are rewarded as soon as the ransom is paid. And that has always been the case so far.

"The backers live outside Somalia"

Andrew Mwangura from the Seafarers Aid Program in Kenya’s largest port city, Mombasa, has been watching the goings-on of the pirates, armed with heavy machine guns and bazookas, for a long time. For him, one thing is certain: only the little lights live in villages like Eyl. The real pirates didn’t live in Somalia, but in Kenya, London, Dubai or Canada. It is you who plan and finance the operations. "No young man in Somalia can afford a satellite phone, a speedboat, or even a Kalashnikov. The people behind the big business all live outside Somalia."

Learning the right way to learn: exam preparation is a particularly sensitive topic

Suppose a child cannot sit still at a desk. What can parents do? Vocabulary can also be memorized walking up and down. You can also make references to the room by pointing to a corner and explaining to the child that the words that are capitalized are gathered there. In another corner are the words in lower case that can be ‘run off’. You could just try that out. Many parents have had good experience in their own school days with handwriting the subject matter on index cards. If my child is afraid of writing, I will of course get no further with the tip. A variety of methods is important.

Class work is an important topic for parents and students: it is advisable to ask the children about it the evening before? Exam preparation is a very delicate subject. Studying too close to an exam may result in students memorizing too many details. And those who cannot distinguish important from unimportant make it colossally difficult. It is usually better to study with a little time lag and to just go over one or the other exercise the day before class work. Unfortunately, this golden rule cannot always be implemented in everyday school life. Even if some teachers focus too much on details in class, it helps memorization but not deeper understanding. In view of the flood of information on the Internet, it is particularly important to learn to omit.

What can parents do if the child has extreme test anxiety?? If performance in the family is too much in the foreground, children can develop a kind of test anxiety even in preschool age, for example before smaller appearances. The children then tend to maneuver themselves into a spiral of stress. There is no point in trying to talk away the fear, it actually increases it. In such a case, younger students can be asked when and where something worked particularly well or failed. In the time immediately before the exam, older students can write down what concerns them at the moment. Research has shown that this actually reduces exam anxiety.

The podcast boom: hear what drives people

The podcast presenter Shalin Rogall in the podcast studio at Deutschlandfunk Photo: dpa / Carsten Koall

Jan Bohmermann has a podcast, Barbara Schoneberger and Tim Malzer too. Sometimes it’s about financial tips, sometimes about football, sometimes about nonsense. But why is this format so popular?

Stuttgart – The podcast presenter Shalin Rogall has a thesis about the special benefits of her and other programs. “I believe that podcasts were actually invented as a cleaning aid,” says the 29-year-old and also speaks from her own experience: There is nothing better than hanging up laundry while listening or tidying up your room. You can get some inspiration and information without overloading your head.

The pilot of the crashed footballer sala flew without a valid license

More than a year ago, the Argentine soccer player Sala died in a plane crash – the final report is now available. Accordingly, the pilot did not have a valid license and was traveling too fast.

The pilot of footballer Emiliano Sala, who died in an accident last year, did not have a valid license for commercial flights. This emerges from the final report of the British Aircraft Accident Authority, which has now been published. Accordingly, the 59-year-old amateur pilot had not yet completed any training hours for night flights and should not have been allowed to fly at night. He was also likely suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning at the time of the crash and was flying too fast. He apparently lost control of the small plane when he tried to avoid bad weather.

Machine broken during maneuver

Both men died on the evening of January 21, 2019 when flying a propeller plane from France to Wales over the English Channel. According to the investigating authority for aircraft accident investigations (AAIB), the machine fell headlong into the sea near the Channel Island of Guernsey after an unsuccessful maneuver at a speed of 435 kilometers per hour.

Law in the bundestag: union clears the way for basic pension

More pensions for 1.3 million people: After a long dispute, the Union and the SPD have now agreed on the basic pension – the draft law is to be passed by the Bundestag this week.

The Bundestag is due to vote on the long-planned basic pension this week. The CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt announced. The Union will approve the bill, even if the funding is not yet satisfactory. It is about creating security for the pensioners affected.

The agreement between the coalition partners was preceded by a long dispute. The Union had so far resisted funding the basic pension from the federal budget. The draft law, largely conceived by the SPD ministers Hubertus Heil and Olaf Scholz, initially provided income from a – not yet existing – tax on financial transactions and 400 million euros from the budget of the Federal Ministry of Labor as sources of finance. The two ministers were "not in a position to provide the promised financing for the basic pension," criticized Dobrindt.

Lateral entrants in schools: "crimes against children"

The President of the Teachers’ Association, Meidinger, has sharply criticized the use of lateral entrants as teachers in schools. These are often insufficiently trained for this.

The President of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, has accused the federal states of insufficiently qualifying career changers in the teaching profession. In many places pedagogical laypeople would be let loose on pupils without adequate preparation and without quality assurance guidelines. That was "a crime against the children", said Meidinger of the "world".

"To train university graduates who have never heard of pedagogy and didactics to become primary school teachers in a crash course within two weeks, that’s absurd."

The quarrel about the car toll continues

Although the EU Commission has made peace with the car toll, criticism from Austria continues. Chancellor Kern spoke of a "stress test for good German-Austrian relations". Criticism also comes from the Federal Audit Office.

While the EU Commission has made peace with the German car toll, criticism from Austria’s neighbors continues. The alpine state is considering an appeal to the European Court of Justice. The concerns of German politicians are not fading either.

"We are very unhappy about it in Austria," said Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern of "Bild am Sonntag". "This is a stress test for good German-Austrian relations." He particularly criticized the fact that Germans were relieved of the toll to compensate for the toll. "A toll for foreigners weakens solidarity in Europe," criticized Kern. In Austria everyone pays a toll – regardless of their birth certificate.

Laschet announces lockdown in gutersloh

After the outbreak of the corona virus in a Tonnies slaughterhouse, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Laschet imposed a lockdown on the entire Gutersloh district. This is initially valid until June 30th.

After the Corona outbreak at the meat processor Tonnies, the authorities are now massively restricting public life in the entire Gutersloh district. For the first time in Germany, a circle will be traced back to the protective measures as they would have applied in March because of the corona infection, said NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet.

The measures initially apply until June 30th – also for the neighboring district of Warendorf, but not nationwide. These are precautionary measures to get the situation under control again, Laschet added.

Harris accuses trump administration of failure in tv debate

The US Democrat Harris and the Republican Pence controversially discussed key election campaign issues such as how to deal with the corona virus, climate change and racism during the Vice-Presidential debate.

In the only TV debate of the vice-candidates before the US presidential election, candidate Kamala Harris made the corona virus a central issue. "The American people have witnessed the greatest government failure in our country’s history," Harris said in Salt Lake City on a stage with Vice President Mike Pence. "The American people have made sacrifices because of the incompetence of this government."

Pence countered with the argument, often put forward by Donald Trump, that his administration’s measures had saved hundreds of thousands of lives. The debate was much more orderly than the duel between Trump and challenger Joe Biden, which had sunk into chaos a week earlier. The main trigger for this was that Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden.