Learning the right way to learn: parents shouldn’t always be approachable

What should parents do instead?? You should let the child feel that you share in his joy of discovery. Parents can encourage activity by deferring reviews and not immediately starting to explain. If students cannot solve a task, parents should not present their child with a ready-made solution. Instead, ask your child to explain how far they understood something. Children don’t like that at all, but it teaches them to work independently and also notice that their parents take their time. So you can accompany it in developing the solution.

Should you be available as a contact person for the housework? No, that does not mean that the parents have to be on constant readiness for homework. The children also experience this as stress. Parents are allowed to signal to their children that they just need a break in order to be there for them again later. In a positive sense, this also trains a certain serenity.

Keyword serenity: some parents are driven insane when children only start homework in the evening. It is best for students to do their chores immediately after school? Younger children have a lot of power, they don’t necessarily need a break after school, others first want to have their peace of mind, which should be allowed for them. However, turning it off shouldn’t consist of turning on the television first. If parents watch their children closely, they can discover, for example, that displeasure can also be an expression of tiredness.

The learning behavior is just as different as the need for rest is. What distinguishes the individual learner types? There are no learner types in the narrower sense. But learning preferences are. Particularly gifted students, for example, often prefer to develop something for themselves, while others like to work communicatively in study groups. Some children can listen very well, others linger in pictures for a long time. And still others need constant movement.

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