Learning the right way to learn: exam preparation is a particularly sensitive topic

Suppose a child cannot sit still at a desk. What can parents do? Vocabulary can also be memorized walking up and down. You can also make references to the room by pointing to a corner and explaining to the child that the words that are capitalized are gathered there. In another corner are the words in lower case that can be ‘run off’. You could just try that out. Many parents have had good experience in their own school days with handwriting the subject matter on index cards. If my child is afraid of writing, I will of course get no further with the tip. A variety of methods is important.

Class work is an important topic for parents and students: it is advisable to ask the children about it the evening before? Exam preparation is a very delicate subject. Studying too close to an exam may result in students memorizing too many details. And those who cannot distinguish important from unimportant make it colossally difficult. It is usually better to study with a little time lag and to just go over one or the other exercise the day before class work. Unfortunately, this golden rule cannot always be implemented in everyday school life. Even if some teachers focus too much on details in class, it helps memorization but not deeper understanding. In view of the flood of information on the Internet, it is particularly important to learn to omit.

What can parents do if the child has extreme test anxiety?? If performance in the family is too much in the foreground, children can develop a kind of test anxiety even in preschool age, for example before smaller appearances. The children then tend to maneuver themselves into a spiral of stress. There is no point in trying to talk away the fear, it actually increases it. In such a case, younger students can be asked when and where something worked particularly well or failed. In the time immediately before the exam, older students can write down what concerns them at the moment. Research has shown that this actually reduces exam anxiety.

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