Law against "waste": france abolishes the obligation to receive a receipt

In Germany, many are annoyed about the new mandatory receipt for small amounts. France is going the opposite way: Parliament has voted for an end to the obligation to receive receipts and other measures to avoid waste.

From 2022, no more receipts for small amounts will be printed in France. The members of the National Assembly have voted for a law aimed at reducing paper waste. The law provides for the gradual abolition of the requirement to receive a receipt for small amounts. From September 2020, the regulation will initially apply to amounts up to 10 euros, and from January 2021 onwards for amounts up to 20 euros. From 2022, receipts for amounts up to 30 euros will then be omitted – unless the customer insists on a printed receipt.

Receipt requirement just introduced in Germany

In Germany there had recently been a lot of discussion about the introduction of the receipt requirement for small amounts. Since the beginning of the year, retailers with an electronic cash register system have had to give their customers a receipt for every purchase without being asked. Not only retailers are annoyed by this. The obligation to receive a receipt is total nonsense, said the FDP parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Christian Durr.

Tax fraud should be prevented

The receipt requirement is part of a law designed to prevent fraud at shop or restaurant checkouts. That is the explanation of the legislator. Every year ten billion euros in taxpayers’ money would be evaded at shop counters. At least that’s what the Federal Audit Office estimates.

"Law against waste"

In France, the planned "law against waste", as the government calls it, provides for further measures: In the future, electrical products will contain information about how easy they are to repair and how long spare parts can be obtained. From 2022, supermarkets and online platforms will no longer be allowed to simply destroy their unsold hygiene and textile products. France wants to stop selling single-use plastic packaging by 2040.

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