Latin america festival in stuttgart-sud: the south is getting a new festival

In June 2019 the festival took place in the Roman fort. Photo: Eberhard Borner

In June, the Latin American weekend is to take place for the first time on Erwin-Schoettle-Platz. Local associations and restaurateurs set up their stands, there is music and dancing. The commercial organizer comes from Frankfurt.

Stuttgart – Food and folklore are also the ingredients of this festival, which is to take place on Schoettle-Platz from June 12th to 14th. In addition to restaurateurs and retailers, associations and initiatives that are committed to Latin American topics will also set up their stands here. The difference to most other small festivals of this kind is: Behind it is a professional provider, the O&M Event Gastro GmbH from Frankfurt. The two-man business has been touring Germany with its concept since 2017. The two entrepreneurs themselves have biographical connections to the more politically and culturally braced, because geographically clearly delimited region: Hernando Ospina comes from Colombia and Daniele Marino is married to a Peruvian.

Learn to love Latin America

Latin American weekends have already taken place in Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Heidelberg and other cities – last year in Bad Cannstatt in the Roman fort.

The aim is to bring people closer to the Latin American way of life and to bring people into contact with one another, says Daniele Marino, who recently presented the concept to the South District Advisory Council. Associations would have the chance to present themselves free of charge or to collect donations for projects, dance groups could perform and even receive a small fee.

“There are so many Latin American clubs in Stuttgart. Much more than in other cities, ”enthused the 33-year-old entrepreneur. Specifically, according to the working group of Latin American associations in Baden-Wurttemberg, there are 21 nationwide, and almost all of them are based in Stuttgart.

A festival with no surprise?

For the organizers, the weekend in the Phonixhalle in the Roman fort was “a complete success” with a total of 4000 visitors. The planned open-air version on Schoettle-Platz is therefore likely to be one size larger – if it takes place. The District Advisory Board South has approved the event, but the placet from the regulatory office is still pending.

As the two operators of the O&M event agency earn money with their Latin American weekend? Daniele Marino explained in the meeting with stand rents that dealers and restaurateurs pay. Apparently the concept works, because the makers announce on their website that they are expanding: “In 2020 we will delight ten cities with Latin American joie de vivre. So we are not only pioneers, but also the largest organizer of Latin American cultural events in Germany. ”What awaits the festival visitors, however, is not exactly surprising and original: Stalls with regional dishes from South and Central America, with traditional textiles and handicrafts from Peru , Ecuador, Chile or Colombia as well as a stage program with folk dance and music.

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