Hardly any violations of exit restrictions

The comprehensive exit restrictions have come into force in Bavaria and Saarland. The police only registered isolated violations, mostly by young people. The police should show their presence.

Exit restrictions have been in effect in Bavaria and Saarland since midnight. According to State Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, these are largely complied with in the Free State. "There were a few groups of young people here and there who held small parties somewhere in public. The police then sent them home," he told Bayerischer Rundfunk. "Overall, we didn’t notice any particular problems last night."

The head of the state chancellery, Florian Herrmann, announced on the radio station Antenne Bayern that the police would be more on the go. The riot police are also increasingly deployed. This is a signal to the population: "We are here."

"We do it with a sense of proportion"

The Munich police made it clear that no large-scale roadblocks were planned. "It will also not be the case that someone who is on the road is approached every five meters by a colleague of mine. We do it with a sense of proportion," assured spokesman Marcus da Gloria in the BR.

The night in Munich was quiet. In 60 controls ten violations were found, so da Gloria. "Most people are very cooperative." He made it clear that no permits are currently needed.

Since midnight, leaving your own apartment in Bavaria has only been allowed for good reasons – such as going to work and shopping, urgent visits to the doctor, but also sports and walks in the fresh air.

20 violations in Saarland

The police in Saarland also noticed the first violations of the exit restrictions. On Saturday night there were about 20 incidents, said a police spokesman in Saarbrucken. It was mostly about young people who had gathered. For the most part, they were unreasonable. The groups could then have been dissolved.

Social researcher warns of prejudice

The social researcher Klaus Hurrelmann considers the group of unrepentant adolescents to be relatively manageable. It’s about a "small group of young people, to be fair," said the professor at the Hertie School of Governance at the RBB. "It all comes together, youthful defiance and youthful rebellion and the feeling that ‘nothing can happen to me anyway’". This is a "very dangerous mixture".

"You are not invulnerable"

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned young people not to underestimate the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus. "You are not invulnerable," said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. "The virus could take you to the hospital for weeks – or even kill you."

He appealed to adolescents and young adults to avoid social contact and to keep their distance in order to contain the spread of the pandemic and to protect other people. "Deciding where to go could mean the difference between life and death for someone else."

Merkel consults with country heads

The Prime Ministers of the federal states want to talk to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday about further measures to contain the corona virus.

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