Debt crisis: hollande does not make any commitments to samaras either

Greek Prime Minister Samaras continued his European tour in Paris. But as in Berlin, there were no positive surprises for him here either: President Hollande acknowledged the future of the Greek euro, but he did not want to make any commitments before the Troika report.

French President Francois Hollande wants Greece to remain in the euro zone: "The question of whether Greece will leave the common currency or not does not arise for me. Greece is one of them."

The Greek people have already made great efforts and sacrifices. Europe must therefore continue to help Greece. The prerequisite, however, is that the Greeks stick to their austerity course: "The country has to prove that it is credible. The politicians have to show that they can implement the reforms to the end – but at the same time they have to be tolerable for the Greek people."

However, no further commitments are to be made before September. Then the troika made up of the EU Commission, the European Central Bank and the IMF will submit its report on the status of reforms in Greece. After that, Europe has to do what has to be done, said Hollande. He couldn’t offer his guest more accommodating.

Samaras warns of dominoes and riots

The Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras would like more time to implement the austerity programs in Greece. He had been received that morning at the Elysee Palace with military honors. He then spoke to the French President for more than an hour.

Before his visit, Samaras had given an interview to the French newspaper "Le Monde". In it he stated that Greece even wanted to sell uninhabited islands in order to make money. He also warned of a catastrophic domino effect should Greece lose the euro: Then countries like Spain and Italy would also be in great danger. But above all, uprisings and revolts would then threaten the existence of democracy in Greece.

Even yesterday, however, he was unable to get the Chancellor to come to terms with him with this scenario. Angela Merkel had agreed with the French president in advance of the Greek visit. Both have held to their agreed positions. More time and more money for Greece is currently not an issue.

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