The spectacular exchange of the "polarstern" team

The Polarstern on the way to Spitsbergen

It is the most complex and expensive Arctic expedition of all time. In September 2019, the first team set out with the research icebreaker "Polarstern" in Svalbard to freeze onto an ice floe and drift past the North Pole with it. The budget of the expedition is around 140 million euros. Around 300 scientists from 17 countries are expected to be on board during the course of the year. They come from Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain

Mosaic expedition

Marine biologists, climatologists, oceanologists and meteorologists are involved in the MOSAiC expedition to explore the last white spot in climate research. A total of 600 international participants are accompanying the mission. An international fleet of four ice breakers, helicopters and airplanes supplies the team on this extreme route.

Mosaic Expedition: Crew goes from Kapitan Dranitsyn to Polarstern

The "Polarstern" team should be replaced about every two months. The scientists flew to Northern Norway from all over the world, from there to be brought to the research ship in icebreakers or airplanes. The third team arrived here on March 2nd, brought to the "Polarstern" by the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn. The corona pandemic changed plans and the research vessel had to stop its ice drift for three weeks. This is the only way to enable the next change of personnel on board, said expedition leader Markus Rex. "We are glad we found this solution," he said.

Lawsuit against lufthansa due to delayed ticket refunds

Lufthansa threatens further trouble in the Corona crisis. The consumer advice center Baden-Wurttemberg has sued the airline – because of the slow reimbursement of canceled flight tickets.

Because she has not been able to keep up with the reimbursement of canceled flight tickets for months, Lufthansa is now threatened with further trouble. The consumer advice center Baden-Wurttemberg has filed a lawsuit against the airline with the Cologne Regional Court. A negotiation date has not yet been set.

Warning was without consequences

This was preceded by a warning from the consumer advocates: Lufthansa had not informed its customers of their rights, withheld the right to a quick refund and did not repay the flight price within seven days. Since the company did not respond to the warning, the lawsuit followed.

Launch of the last space shuttle: wistfulness on the space coast

The end of the shuttle program in the USA not only scratches the pride of the space nation, but also means great financial losses for many people in Florida. For decades, the otherwise structurally weak region benefited from space travel and shuttle tourism.

No matter which radio station you tune into around the Kennedy Space Center – almost all of them proudly have "Space Coast" in their name – "Space Coast". Space has been shaping life in this part of Florida for more than half a century. The telephone area code – these are the last digits of the countdown: 3-2-1. Primary schools are named after the space shuttle. No hotel, restaurant, or supermarket that doesn’t have at least one photo of a space shuttle taking off.

This Friday is the 135th and last start. Bob Arnolds just missed four of them: "I grew up with it," says the 61-year-old and has to swallow. His father helped build the launch pad for the Apollo rockets. Arnolds is one of the volunteers at Space View Park in Titusville. It is a very important place for space travel fans, because the view of the space shuttles taking off from the Kennedy Space Center opposite is magnificent.

The price of internal security

As sudden and sudden as the attacks in New York and Washington came, they must have been planned well in advance – the experts agreed on this. The trail quickly led to western countries, and just a few days after the attacks it was clear that three of the four fatal pilots had lived in Hamburg before the crime and had led a double life there as so-called sleepers.

The news triggered hectic activity in Germany and put the ongoing issue of internal security on the political agenda once again. The fact that the assassins were able to live undisturbed and undetected shook many citizens’ feelings of security. Since then, the federal government has tried to restore people’s trust in the state with an abundance of laws.

In an urgent procedure, the government issued two security packages just a few weeks after the attacks, which were also passed at top speed with the votes of the SPD, the Greens and the Union Bundestag and Bundesrat. The measures adopted are primarily intended to have a preventive effect: They grant the security authorities extensive powers that are intended to enable them to identify suspected terrorists before they can commit their act.