German companies ignore the oppression?

German companies do business in the Chinese autonomous region of Xinjiang despite the human rights violations taking place there. According to experts, they may have benefited from forced labor and oppression.

Behind the cumbersome name "integration platform for joint operations" hides one of the most sophisticated technical tools of repression in the world: a database run by the Chinese central government that monitors Muslims living in the autonomous region of Xinjiang – most of them belong to the Uighur minority.

The "integration platform" is voracious: The non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch recently reported what government officials feed in: interpersonal relationships, movement profiles of smartphones and car license plates, information about power consumption, when and where someone has filled up – even whether the person owns the vehicle was or not. With dozens of data points, everyone is classified.

Lax regulations are to blame for ice problems?

The special inspection of the ICE-T will be completed in February, promises the railway. However, the question of blame for the axle problems remains unresolved. Is it the material or the road surface? Or are the valid standards outdated, as railway expert Loffler assumes to ?

First an ICE-3 derailed in Cologne Central Station. One axis was broken – how this could come about is being investigated by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing on behalf of the Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office. Then a hairline crack was discovered in the axis of an ICE-T. The railway withdrew all trains of this series, which was specially designed for winding routes with its tilting technology, for a special inspection. In the meantime, a hairline crack has been found in another train of this type.

The railway speaks of material defects and thus blames the manufacturers of the ICE. The company reserves the right to claim damages. They reject the allegations and warn that a factual discussion should be returned to.