The podcast boom: hear what drives people

The podcast presenter Shalin Rogall in the podcast studio at Deutschlandfunk Photo: dpa / Carsten Koall

Jan Bohmermann has a podcast, Barbara Schoneberger and Tim Malzer too. Sometimes it’s about financial tips, sometimes about football, sometimes about nonsense. But why is this format so popular?

Stuttgart – The podcast presenter Shalin Rogall has a thesis about the special benefits of her and other programs. “I believe that podcasts were actually invented as a cleaning aid,” says the 29-year-old and also speaks from her own experience: There is nothing better than hanging up laundry while listening or tidying up your room. You can get some inspiration and information without overloading your head.

Laschet announces lockdown in gutersloh

After the outbreak of the corona virus in a Tonnies slaughterhouse, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Laschet imposed a lockdown on the entire Gutersloh district. This is initially valid until June 30th.

After the Corona outbreak at the meat processor Tonnies, the authorities are now massively restricting public life in the entire Gutersloh district. For the first time in Germany, a circle will be traced back to the protective measures as they would have applied in March because of the corona infection, said NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet.

The measures initially apply until June 30th – also for the neighboring district of Warendorf, but not nationwide. These are precautionary measures to get the situation under control again, Laschet added.

Hariri assassination: suspected hezbollah member guilty

In 2005, then Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri was killed in a suicide bombing in Beirut. Now a UN tribunal has established that a man with ties to Hezbollah was involved.

More than 15 years after the murder of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the special tribunal on Lebanon has found one of four defendants guilty. The Lebanese Salim Jamil Ajjasch was involved in the terrorist attack, the judges in Leidschendam near The Hague ruled. The sentence will be decided at a later date. Three other defendants, who like Ajjasch are on the run despite international arrest warrants, were acquitted for lack of evidence.

On February 14, 2005, a suicide bomber blew himself up when Hariri’s motorcade drove by in the center of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. In addition to the 60-year-old Sunni politician, 21 people died and 226 were injured. There was great horror in Lebanon and international outrage.

“Hard but fair” and climate change: “does corona provide the blueprint for the climate?”

Frank Plasberg looked to the future with “Hart aber fair”. Photo: imago / Horst Galuschka / Horst Galuschka

With "Hart aber fair" Frank Plasberg has a strong and an embarrassing moment. And the 22-year-old Carla Reemtsma (Fridays-For-Future) surprised: Refraining from consumption brings little benefit and patio heaters are okay.

Stuttgart – Finally a panel discussion without the Corona topic, but without allusions to the pandemic, “Hard but fair” on Monday on the topic of climate change (“Are we burning up our planet?”) Didn’t work out. Parallels have been drawn several times, and the nature filmmaker and author Hannes Jaenicke – the moderator Frank Plasberg later wanted to convict environmental hypocrisy – described the corona crisis as “no brainer” compared to the serious consequences of climate change. Scientists had warned against this 30 years ago without anything having changed, although today politicians are constantly listening to virologists and immediately responding to any advice.

Decision of the bgh: yelp is allowed to sort out reviews

Review portals on the Internet such as Yelp are allowed to sort their reviews with automated software. This was decided by the BGH, based on freedom of occupation and freedom of expression.

The lower instance, the Munich Higher Regional Court, had given the fitness studio operator right. But the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) overturned this judgment and, with its decision, strengthened the rights of rating portals – significantly. On portals such as Yelp, consumers can rate and grade hotels, restaurants or craft businesses. An overall grade is then created with these ratings.

This turned out to be comparatively bad for the woman who had complained. The basis for the overall grade, which ranges from one to five stars, were only very few individual ratings. Most of the assessments that were positive were not taken into account. They were automatically sorted out by software. An absurdity, says the studio operator: "It bothers me that Yelp filters out the good reviews. I would normally have four to 4.5 stars in all studios. We do a good job, and that doesn’t reflect what we’re doing."

Harbarth becomes vice president of the constitutional court

The CDU member of the Bundestag Harbarth is to become the new Vice President and later President of the Federal Constitutional Court. After concurring reports, the leaderships of the Union, SPD, Greens and FDP have agreed on this.

Union parliamentary group Vice Stephan Harbarth is to become the new Vice President of the Federal Constitutional Court – and thus in all probability the successor to President Andreas Vobkuhle after 2020. The "FAZ", the dpa and the ARD report unanimously.

The 46-year-old is to replace Vice President Ferdinand Kirchhof as chairman of the First Senate in Karlsruhe, who is retiring for reasons of age – the faction leaders of the Union, SPD, Greens and FDP have agreed on this. This means that he should move up to the head of the court in two years’ rotation when Vosskuhle’s term of office ends. In terms of protocol, the President of the Constitutional Court is the fifth man in the state.

Decision from bad hersfeld: family judge gives whatsapp a lesson

Who uses Whatsapp, has to reveal many secrets. Photo: dpa

A decision by the Bad Hersfeld district court disturbs the Whatsapp community on the Internet. There is talk of possible waves of warnings that users of the messenger service will receive. Is it really like that?

Bad Hersfeld – In times of American presidents who trumpet their sensitivities on 140 characters every quarter of an hour, in times of like buttons and "share" functions, in these times things sometimes come to light that used to be deep Drawers would have died the slow death of oblivion. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes it creates confusion.

The program of the stuttgart jazz open: at eye level with the greats

Carlos Santana is also coming. Photo: dpa

The Stuttgart Jazz-Open Festival presented this year’s program and its top-class guests.

Stuttgart – It is well known that you keep the most beautiful until the end. And so Jurgen Schlensog, organizer of the Stuttgart Jazz-Open festival with his company Opus, was allowed to practice secrecy until Monday lunchtime, before he proudly announced that the former Pink Floyd man David Gilmour would be the star guest of this year’s 23. Edition of the festival will be.

The safest major airline comes from hong kong

How safe are the world’s largest airlines? Accident researchers from Hamburg investigate this question every year and use it to create a ranking list. Once again, German airlines are doing very well – but not very well.

The five safest major airlines in the world come from the Asian-Arab region, according to investigations by Hamburg-based air accident experts. As in the previous year, Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific topped the safety list of the 60 largest airlines in 2015.

This is followed by Emirates from Dubai, Eva Air from Taiwan, Qatar Airways from Qatar and the Chinese Hainan Airlines. This emerges from a previously published article by the Hamburg Aircraft Accident Bureau "Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Center" (JACDEC) for the aviation magazine "Aero International".

Hardly any new corona infections in counties

Despite easing – in the past seven days not a single district in Germany has exceeded the critical mark of 50 new corona infections. The majority is even significantly lower.

Most of the districts in Germany have recorded no or only a few new corona infections in the past seven days. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 343 of more than 400 counties reported a maximum of five new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days.

Single epicentres only

According to RKI data, not a single district has reached the critical mark of 50 new infections as of today. If this upper limit is exceeded, restriction concepts must be enacted. Most new cases per 100,000 population were recorded in the past seven days Thuringian district of Sonneberg. Bremerhaven and the districts of Coburg and Cuxhaven also registered a relatively large number of new cases.