The sakharov prize goes to ukrainian director sentsov

The Ukrainian filmmaker Sentsov, imprisoned in Russia, receives the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Expression. He has been in a Siberian penal camp for four years.

The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought this year goes to the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov. With the award, the European Parliament honors special commitment to human rights.

20 years in prison

Sentsov had campaigned against the illegal annexation of his homeland, the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, by Russia in 2014. He was then sentenced by a Russian court to 20 years in prison for allegedly planned terrorist attacks. He is reportedly currently in a prison camp in Siberia.

Harris accuses trump administration of failure in tv debate

The US Democrat Harris and the Republican Pence controversially discussed key election campaign issues such as how to deal with the corona virus, climate change and racism during the Vice-Presidential debate.

In the only TV debate of the vice-candidates before the US presidential election, candidate Kamala Harris made the corona virus a central issue. "The American people have witnessed the greatest government failure in our country’s history," Harris said in Salt Lake City on a stage with Vice President Mike Pence. "The American people have made sacrifices because of the incompetence of this government."

Pence countered with the argument, often put forward by Donald Trump, that his administration’s measures had saved hundreds of thousands of lives. The debate was much more orderly than the duel between Trump and challenger Joe Biden, which had sunk into chaos a week earlier. The main trigger for this was that Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden.

Hardly any violations of exit restrictions

The comprehensive exit restrictions have come into force in Bavaria and Saarland. The police only registered isolated violations, mostly by young people. The police should show their presence.

Exit restrictions have been in effect in Bavaria and Saarland since midnight. According to State Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, these are largely complied with in the Free State. "There were a few groups of young people here and there who held small parties somewhere in public. The police then sent them home," he told Bayerischer Rundfunk. "Overall, we didn’t notice any particular problems last night."

The head of the state chancellery, Florian Herrmann, announced on the radio station Antenne Bayern that the police would be more on the go. The riot police are also increasingly deployed. This is a signal to the population: "We are here."

The prohibition of commercial euthanasia is unconstitutional

The complaints from euthanasia organizations, doctors and seriously ill people have been successful: the ban on business-like assistance with suicide that applies in Germany is unconstitutional. There is a right to self-determined death.

The ban on commercial euthanasia introduced in 2015 violates the Basic Law. There is a right to self-determined death, said the President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Andreas Vosskuhle, when the judgment was announced in Karlsruhe. This includes the freedom to take your own life and take advantage of offers from third parties. The new criminal law paragraph 217 makes this largely impossible.

The judges declared the ban null and void after complaints from the sick, euthanasia and doctors. Section 217 criminalizes "promoting suicide as a business activity". Violations can result in up to three years imprisonment or a fine. Only relatives and "loved ones" who assist in suicide are exempt from punishment. The legislator wanted to prevent suicide aid associations from expanding their offers for paying members and becoming socially acceptable. Nobody should feel pressured to end their life.

“Hard but fair” on the corona vaccination: debate about the risks of vaccination – boris palmer is corrected

Boris Palmer was a guest at “Hart aber fair”. (Archive image) Photo: dpa / Christoph Soeder

With "Hart aber fair", the experts are surprisingly honest about the risks of the corona vaccination – and the Green politician Boris Palmer has to be corrected by a medical professor.

Stuttgart – A crude joke by the moderator Frank Plasberg at the expense of Boris Palmer, the green mayor of Tubingen, and an instruction from Palmer by a medicine professor after the omniscient Green politician downplayed the possible risks of a corona vaccination – that belonged to the decorative entertainment elements of the program "Hart aber fair" on Monday. But about that later, because otherwise in the panel discussion – it was the day on which the US company Moderna applied for approval of a corona vaccine in the EU – the risks and side effects of vaccination were discussed quite seriously: in all directions.

Deceptive security through masks?

All federal states have decided to make a mask compulsory – but this does not end the debate about the meaning of the measure. Doctors criticize the regulation and warn of deceptive and inferior security.

World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery has sharply criticized the mask requirement that will apply throughout Germany in the fight against the corona virus from next week. Whoever wears a mask is tempted by a deceptive feeling of security to forget the "only decisive minimum distance", said Montgomery of the "Rheinische Post". The masks could also be dangerous if used improperly, warned the chairman of the World Medical Association.

The virus is concentrated in the fabric, the skin of the face is touched when losing weight, and infection is hardly possible any faster. He wears a mask himself "out of courtesy and solidarity", but considers a legal obligation to be "wrong".

There is a threat of drug shortages due to the coronavirus?

Many drugs that are sold in Germany come from China. Dealers are reporting possible delivery bottlenecks – as transport routes are interrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In China, public life has come to a virtual standstill in many cities. Streets are empty, offices orphaned, factories stand still. This could also have implications for healthcare in many other countries. Because a large part of all active medical ingredients used worldwide now come from China.

According to experts, almost the entire global supply of some vital medicines depends on Chinese manufacturers – for example, antibiotics. The raw material for these products is now almost exclusively produced there and then partly processed in other countries – especially in India. After all, they end up in clinics and pharmacies around the world.

Decision of the bundestag: measles vaccination becomes mandatory

There was long and intense discussion, now the Bundestag has decided that measles vaccination is mandatory. It applies to day-care centers, schools and refugee shelters, among others. Refusals face fines of up to 2500 euros.

Children and staff in day-care centers and schools must in future be vaccinated against measles. The Bundestag has passed a law that provides for the exclusion of day-care centers and fines in the event of violation. The compulsory vaccination should also apply to child minders and residents and employees of refugee shelters and health facilities.

"Measles protection is child protection," said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in the Bundestag. He defended the compulsory vaccination against the criticism of large sections of the opposition. The Union, SPD and FDP had voted for the law in second reading. The AfD voted against, the Greens and the Left abstained. In the roll-call final vote, 459 MPs voted for the law, 89 against, 105 abstained.

Are the stimulus packages i and ii sufficient??

The Chancellor was scolded as "Madame No" – but the coalition’s economic stimulus measures can also be seen in international comparison – but there is still room to refuel. And in view of the extent of the economic crisis, it will probably also be necessary to saddle up. An analysis.

Angela Merkel (CDU) has been called "Madame No" because last autumn she persistently refused extensive economic stimulus programs. The Chancellor no longer wears the disgraceful name. Why also? Finally, the federal government has launched two economic stimulus programs, which not only in the opinion of the Federal Minister of Finance "can be seen". In fact, at 3.5 percent of German gross economic output over two years, they are larger than the programs in France and Great Britain. According to a current study by the International Monetary Fund, only China and Saudi Arabia outperform the Federal Republic in terms of spending to stimulate the economy and stabilize the economy.

Economic stimulus packages are impressive

In the meantime, public opinion has got Merkel, Steinbruck and Co. to add some shovel – but also to group various government measures under the umbrella term "stimulus package" in order to "make mass": That was a bit of a misnomer with a rather incoherent collection of instruments. However, each of them does not have to be bad – even if it may also be about "buying votes", as the opposition criticizes.